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It's The God, God


MeLo-X at Tumblr IRL 


God Magic.

Melo-X at Milk Studios for NYFW, Tumblr IRL

Last night I got to create on a scale like never before. Tumblr gave me the opportunity to be apart of their #tumblrirl series. @generalelectrics gave me the unique chance to be the first person to rock their sneaker collab with @jackthreads & @Androidhomme called “The Mission” #iOnFashion. Integrated Visions worked with me to build a one of a kind all immersive experience. And @milkstudios opened up their doors to my creative endeavors. BUT ABOVE ALL my friends, family and supporters got to see me live out another level of dreams. Things like this dont normally happen. Im from the hood from the block. Im a regular kid who worked his ass off and became something. You can do it too - it’s the God, God. #NYFW #generalelectrics #vscocam 📷 by @sefleuria


Backstage with meloxtra after his awesome set at the NYFW irlirl event with generalelectric


MeLo-X: A Tumblr IRL

with GE, at Milk Studios

Audio and visuals by meloxtra

Photos and GIF by laurajunekirsch


MeLo-X: A Tumblr IRL

with GE at Milk Studios

GIFs by laurajunekirsch


Our friend Melo X at tumblr IRL last night.




GOD GOD: m i n d  i n s i d e

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